About tea
it‘s really all about the ingredients

First to produce single-serving full-leaf tea bags, Tea Company had over a decade of experience sourcing ingredients from experts and estates in more than 19 countries.

Types of Tea

Black Tea

Black tea remains the perennial favorite among tea drinkers. In fact, it still accounts for more than 90% of all tea sold.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea means “black dragon” tea in Chinese, a name that adds justice to its boldness and drama.

Green Tea

Green tea started the buzz for the health benefits of tea. Typically, green tea undergoes a multi-step process.

White tea

White tea is so young and pure it might need a chaperone. It is grown and harvested almost exclusively in China.

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Usually grown at higher elevations, often on steep slopes, tea must be hand-picked in a traditional, time-consuming way.

Is it a tea or a

Herbal teas, known as tisanes, have a history as long as tea itself, but the two are distinctly different drinks. Tisanes are caffeine-free beverages that don’t contain any tea.

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Tisanes contain fresh or dried flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds and/or herbs that are steeped in boiling water. In short, they’re not really teas at all, even though they look like they are.

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How long have tisanes been around? Since 1550 BC at least. Documents dating back to ancient Egypt and China have mentioned the pleasures and medicinal benefits of herbal tea.

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